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They call him the Raven.
His mistake was picking the wrong agent to cross.
Now the hunt is on.

Fresh off her victory over Tony Belcher and his Aryan extremists, seasoned ATF agent Lexi Mills finds herself in the crosshairs of a new and deadly enemy—a killer who uses intricate weapons of destruction as his signature calling card.

When a small West Texas town is rocked by a high-profile murder trial, a powerful suspect faces a judge he can’t buy off. As the trial captures the media spotlight, Lexi discovers a mysterious connection between the suspect and a man at the top of her most-wanted list—and is quickly catapulted into the toughest investigation of her career.

Hot on the trail of an elusive killer who has already put one ATF agent in a body bag, Mills and her newfound ally Nathan Croft must plunge into a deep pool of corruption and conspiracy to unearth the true identity of the Raven.

But with every step forward the danger increases and the pressure mounts. Lives are hanging in the balance…and something is about to blow.

PRESSURE is the fourth novel in the explosive Lexi Mills series by thriller writer and US Air Force veteran Stacy Lynn Miller and former detective and WSJ Best Selling author Brian Shea. A propulsive action thriller with an unforgettable heroine, perfect for fans of Lee Child and David Baldacci.