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Storming the Reich

Storming the Reich

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As winter casts its long shadow across Europe, the pulse of battle beats louder, drawing the Littlefield family into the fray of the Siegfried Line and beyond.

Jeremy Littlefield stands at a crossroads, his loyalties torn between two continents. On the verge of departing for Burma, he faces a crucial decision: heed the urgent call of the Pacific Theater, or remain in France to support the Resistance alongside his beloved Amélie. Each choice carries the weight of survival, not just for himself, but for those he might leave behind.

Meanwhile, in the secretive confines of Bletchley Park, Claire's world of codes and ciphers exposes a desperate German ploy to turn the tide of the war. The success of the Allied forces hangs on her ability to crack these messages; failure could spell disaster.

In the thick of the action, Paul, with the 2nd French Armored Division, orchestrates and leads daring assaults deep into enemy territory. His tactical prowess is crucial as the Allies push through the Siegfried Line toward the German heartland.

At the same time, Lance, embodying undaunted resilience, escapes captivity once again. His return to the Resistance fuels a series of perilous sabotage missions designed to dismantle the enemy’s operations from within.

Together, the Littlefields navigate the complexities of war with unwavering courage. Confronting danger and moral dilemmas head-on, their story unfolds as a gripping narrative of endurance, sacrifice, and the unbreakable bonds of family.

From Wall Street Journal bestselling author Lee Jackson comes Storming the Reich, the eighth installment in the epic After Dunkirk series.


Praise for Lee Jackson and the AFTER DUNKIRK series:

" exceptional work of historical fiction..." —Lieutenant General Rick Lynch, US Army (Ret.)

"...compelling fiction is masterfully woven in with the actual events...” —John J. Gobbell, author of The Last Lieutenant

"A sweeping, wonderfully crafted saga...Jackson has created a masterful, enduring tale." —H.W. "Buzz" Bernard, award-winning author of When Heroes Flew

"[Jackson]...deftly balances the deeply personal stories of his characters with the action..." —Commander George Wallace, USN (Ret.), author of Warshot and Operation Golden Dawn

“There is intrigue and action galore, but also true and gripping personal depth in this remarkable story...” —Don Keith, author of Final Bearing and Only the Brave