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Congo Nightfall

Congo Nightfall


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When elite CIA operative David Rivers and his paramilitary team are dispatched to the heart of Africa, their mission is clear: eliminate the notorious terrorist warlord, Chijioke Mubenga, before he can unleash chaos upon the world. 

But fate has other plans.

A streak of anti-aircraft fire lights up the night sky, turning a covert parachute jump into a nightmare descent. Stranded miles from their rendezvous point and deep within a hostile jungle, Rivers and his team are cut off, hunted, and desperate.

In their quest for survival, they uncover a web of treachery that extends far beyond the Congo’s borders. As they close in on Mubenga, Rivers uncovers a conspiracy that threatens to reshape the very fabric of global security.

In a land where trust is a luxury and every path holds potential danger, Rivers must navigate his team through a maze of betrayal, drawing on every ounce of his skill, leadership, and instinct to outwit an enemy that always seems two steps ahead. The hunt is on…but in the Congo, nothing is as it seems.

And the cost of failure is unimaginable.


Praise for Jason Kasper and the Shadow Strike series:

"Jason Kasper is a name to watch in the thriller world." —Mark Greaney, #1 New York Times Bestselling Author of the Gray Man Series

"...Kasper takes his iconic anti-hero to the next level...” —Steven Konkoly, USA Today Bestselling Author of the Ryan Decker Series

“Jason Kasper’s Shadow Strike books slap you with a weapon, helmet, and body armor, and scream 'You’re coming with me!' Buckle up and enjoy the ride.” —Jeff Carson, Bestselling Author of the David Wolf Series

"Kasper's military experience bleeds onto every page and provides a sense of realism few can match. These intense military thrillers will have you holding your breath until the very end." —Brian Shea, Author of the Boston Crime Thriller Series