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Cover Shot

Cover Shot

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Cryptic online messages and a murder in a swanky condo complex don't strike crime reporter Nichelle Clarke as related—until a gunman sends a hospital into chaos.

"...if you're a fan of mystery, you simply must read this series..."

When a body is discovered in a high-rise in Richmond, Virginia, crime reporter Nichelle Clarke races to the scene. The victim is a brilliant doctor with an unusual past. But before Nichelle can decide what to make of the murder, the local police radio is filled with a dreaded distress call.

There is an active shooter at a nearby hospital.

The gunman has taken hostages on a patient floor, and gives the police a single demand:

He wants to speak with Nichelle.

In person.

What readers are saying about COVER SHOT:

★★★★★ "...I devoured this book..."—Murder by Death Reviews

★★★★★ "...a spider web of twists and turns that will keep you reading until the end." —Suspense Magazine

★★★★★ "The suspense and action kept me on the edge of my seat all the way through to the exciting reveal."—Dru's Book Musings

A murder mystery series taut with gripping, authentic plots that only a former crime reporter could write.

Nichelle Clarke Crime Thrillers can be read in any order. Start here!