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Dangerous Betrayals

Dangerous Betrayals

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She’s tracking a killer, but who is tracking her?

Former journalist, now fledgling mystery writer, Leah Nash receives a heartfelt email from Marianne, a reader she’s never met. Marianne’s sister Celia is in a Wisconsin prison for the murder of her married lover, Eric Ferguson. She begs Leah to save Celia from serving life for a crime she didn’t commit.

However, Leah is pretty sure Celia did kill Eric. The case against her was very strong and the jury delivered the guilty verdict in less than an hour. But Marianne’s desperation strikes a chord in Leah due to the deep-seated guilt she feels over failing to save her own sister years earlier. She finds it impossible to turn Marianne down.

Peeling back the layers of Eric's complicated life, Leah uncovers multiple suspects who had reasons to want Eric dead. All of them—Eric’s betrayed wife, his resentful sister, a bankrupted neighbor, a political adversary, and a cuckolded husband—are concealing secrets. But which one is also hiding the heart of a killer? As Leah navigates a maze of lies and alibis, each clue only deepens the mystery.

Leah becomes so enmeshed in saving Celia that when she begins to receive odd, anonymous messages, she attributes them to a fan with boundary issues. The county sheriff, who happens to be her boyfriend, isn’t so sure. But as Leah works to prove Celia’s innocence and bring the real killer to light, is a stalker waiting to close in for the final act?


Praise for Susan Hunter and the Leah Nash mystery series:

"...flawless and satisfying." —Cynthia Hamilton, author of the Madeline Dawkins Mysteries

“...will leave readers breathless and ready for more.” —LynDee Walker, Amazon Charts bestselling author of Fear No Truth

[Leah]...encourages the reader to follow her wherever she goes, and I intend to do just that." —Laura Snider, author of Unsympathetic Victims

"Leah Nash is a feisty, determined heroine who fearlessly chases truth, justice, and the next great story." —Shannon Baker, author of the Kate Fox mystery series

"Leah is smart and motivated with a healthy sense of humor. She narrates her story with a good balance between action, conversation, and introspection." —Foreword Reviews