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Double Back

Double Back

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A harmless old woman searching for love…or a murderer waiting to strike?

Determined to enjoy some peace and quiet in her tranquil home in the Sandhills, no-nonsense sheriff Kate Fox vows to keep herself out of trouble and steer clear of love. But try as she might, fate has a funny way of dragging her back into the fray.

When a mysterious woman from the town’s past appears out of the blue—and moves in with a pair of aging bachelor brothers—Kate fears the woman is up to no good. With the town buzzing over rumors of a hidden fortune, she jumps into a puzzling investigation to unearth the woman’s secretive past and save the brothers from heartbreak.

But as she digs deeper, Kate begins to piece together a disturbing and dangerous story.

With innocent lives on the line, Kate must act fast to prevent disaster…and uncover the shocking truth behind a woman who isn’t what she seems to be.


Praise for Shannon Baker:

"...terrific series..." —Catriona McPherson, multi-award-winning author of A Gingerbread House

"...Baker knocks the wind out of you..." —Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, USA Today bestselling author of Damaging Secrets

“Shannon Baker gets better with every book.” —Amazon Charts bestselling author Jess Lourey

"...winning characters and a stunning setting…" —Mystery Scene

"A wonderful western mystery not to be missed! Enjoy!" —Fresh Fiction

"...laugh-out-loud humor and heart-stopping suspense...” —Gwen Florio, author of the Nora Best and Julia Geary series

"Baker serves up a ballsy heroine, a colorful backdrop, and a surprising ending." —Kirkus Reviews

"...Baker offers readers a protagonist and a place they will love coming back to visit book after book." —William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author

"...perfect blend of small-town atmosphere, intriguing plot-line, and down-to-earth characters affectionately called Sandhillers." —Christine Carbo, author of the bestselling Glacier Mystery Series


What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "WOW!!!"
★★★★★ "...that ending!"
★★★★★ "...way above a 5 Star!"
★★★★★ " whopper of a story..."
★★★★★ " favorite of the Kate Fox books."