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Hunt to Kill

Hunt to Kill

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When the hunter becomes the hunted, all bets are off.

After defying his bosses to protect an innocent woman, elite assassin Reed Montgomery has ignited a war with the criminal underworld. His enemies will stop at nothing to destroy him, along with anyone he ever cared for.

There is only one way out: Reed must carry the war to the enemy and make a last-ditch effort to break free of their world.

But as Reed closes in on his target, a new killer steps out of the shadows. He’s ruthless, and he’s here to hunt.

He’s here to make sure Reed never walks away.

Hunt to Kill is the second book in the action-packed Reed Montgomery series. If you're hungry for more of Reed Montgomery's quest to settle the score, you're going to love this no-holds-barred sequel from Logan Ryles. Download Hunt to Kill today to continue the adventure!