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Masada's Gate

Masada's Gate

Book #5 ofThe SynCorp Saga

ByDavid BrunsandChris Pourteau


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The Expanse meets The Godfather in this Space Opera/Sci-Fi Noir Thriller about corporate greed, rebellion, and mankind’s survival among the stars.

The corporate empire is crumbling from within...

SynCorp’s leaders are on the run, and the Soldiers of the Solar Revolution are hot on their trail.

A desperate Ruben Qinlao hides the injured Tony Taulke in the Moon’s rundown barrio of Darkside. When the SSR attacks Callisto, Kwazi Jabari is pressed into service as the face of a revolution he soon begins to question. Orbiting Titan, Masada Station holds the Company’s treasure trove of tech secrets, and Cassandra Kisaan pulls out all the stops to secure ultimate victory by stealing them. Only Stacks Fischer, corporate enforcer, stands in her way.

Earth is lost. Mars is under martial law. The outer colonies are the last bastions of Company rule in Sol. And the people … will they stand with Cassandra, who promises freedom? Or with SynCorp, their old taskmaster and the devil they know?