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Storm Cell

Storm Cell

Book #10 ofLewis Cole

ByBrendan DuBois

Category: Mystery & Crime

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In the midst of a high-stakes murder case, Lewis Cole finds himself caught between loyalty and the pursuit of justice. 

When Felix, Lewis Cole’s friend and a former enforcer for the Boston mob, stands accused of a brutal murder, the retired Department of Defense analyst must jump to action. The evidence of the homicide seems undeniable: witnesses claim to have seen Felix at the location, the murder weapon is linked to him, and his fingerprints are all over the crime scene. But Lewis refuses to believe his friend is guilty.

Driven by unwavering faith in Felix's innocence, Lewis makes it his mission to free him. However, his quest takes an unexpected turn when two FBI agents reveal a disturbing truth—unless Felix is released from prison within three days, he will be murdered behind bars. With time ticking away and the FBI closing in, Lewis must navigate a treacherous path alone, racing to clear his friend's name before it's too late.

Storm Cell is a gripping crime fiction thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat. Brendan DuBois masterfully weaves a tale of trust, betrayal, and deadly secrets that will leave you questioning everything.