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Taking Stock

Taking Stock

Book #10 ofKate Fox

ByShannon Baker

Category: Mystery & Crime

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At the foot of the Rockies, Kate Fox and a billionaire lock horns.

During her visit to the bustling National Western Stock Show in Denver, Kate Fox's business partner, Aria Fontaine, expresses a grave concern. She is worried about her cousin, Jefferson Hansford, an enigmatic billionaire, who recently went through a tumultuous divorce. When Kate finds that Jefferson has been drugged and is in the hospital, Aria’s worst fears are confirmed.

Pushed by her sense of duty and friendship, Kate reluctantly steps into the role of investigator, going undercover at a high-profile fundraising gala as Jefferson’s “fiancée” to draw out his assailant. But when tensions between Kate and Aria’s husband-to-be, Glenn Baxter, run high, she is forced to leave the fundraiser with more questions than answers.

In a dark turn of events, Kate’s prime suspect is found murdered the following day, sending her scrambling to make sense of the details of Jefferson’s complicated past. Kate's investigation propels her through a complex maze of dark family legacies, a hidden connection to the stock show, and trails of dirty money. Caught in a whirlwind of duty, forbidden love, and danger, Kate's resolve is tested as she confronts the chilling realization that the attacker will likely strike again—unless she can stop them first.


Praise for Shannon Baker:

"...terrific series..." —Catriona McPherson, multi-award-winning author of A Gingerbread House

"...Baker knocks the wind out of you..." —Carolyn Ridder Aspenson, USA Today bestselling author of Damaging Secrets

“Shannon Baker gets better with every book.” —Amazon Charts bestselling author Jess Lourey

"...winning characters and a stunning setting…" —Mystery Scene

"A wonderful western mystery not to be missed! Enjoy!" —Fresh Fiction

"...laugh-out-loud humor and heart-stopping suspense...” —Gwen Florio, author of the Nora Best and Julia Geary series

"Baker serves up a ballsy heroine, a colorful backdrop, and a surprising ending." —Kirkus Reviews

"...Baker offers readers a protagonist and a place they will love coming back to visit book after book." —William Kent Krueger, New York Times bestselling author

"...perfect blend of small-town atmosphere, intriguing plot-line, and down-to-earth characters affectionately called Sandhillers." —Christine Carbo, author of the bestselling Glacier Mystery Series