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The Havana Syndrome

The Havana Syndrome

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When devotion and duty collide, FBI Agent Nathan Burke must uncover a global conspiracy to save his wife…and the nation.

FBI Agent Nathan Burke is in the middle of a high-stakes operation to dismantle a terrorist network when his world is turned upside down—his estranged wife, Abby, falls victim to the mysterious and debilitating Havana Syndrome. Determined to reconcile with her and find the responsible party, he teams up with his former academy classmate Meili Chan and CIA liaison Bashir Gemayel to launch a rogue investigation, putting his own job at risk.

As more American spies and diplomats fall prey to this unexplained phenomenon, and terrorist attacks increase at home and abroad, Nathan unearths evidence of high-energy weapons and a conspiracy that threatens the very fabric of national security.

But when the CIA dismisses his findings, and the balance between his official and illicit missions teeters on the edge of collapse, Nathan must choose between his duty to his country and his devotion to Abby. With his allies falling one by one to mysterious attacks and with friend and foe seemingly indistinguishable, Nathan must stop the spread of the Havana Syndrome and uncover the truth…or risk becoming its next victim.

Bestselling author Jeffrey James Higgins takes readers from the buzzing streets of Washington, D.C., to the eerie silence of Tallinn, Estonia, where suspense meets the stark realities of espionage, assassination, and deception. Perfect for fans of Jack Carr and Vince Flynn.