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The Last Test of Courage

The Last Test of Courage

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As WWII surges forward, the Cooper family struggles to survive on the front lines…and on the home front.

Clyde Cooper and his fellow paratroopers have returned to Australia after a highly successful operation in New Guinea. But the respite is brief as a new mission looms on the horizon. Jumping onto Nooemfor Island will push the veterans to their limits, and plunge them into deadly combat against an enemy that refuses to admit defeat.

Clyde’s brother, Frank, has escaped the iron grip of the brutal Japanese POW camp and landed in a tropical paradise. But he’s not content to let the war roll on by. With help from his native hosts, Frank braves the seas, determined to rejoin the fight. But when he finally re-enters the fray, he may regret his decision.

Cousin Shawn remains deep inside Burma battling side by side with the Kachin Rangers as an OSS operative—taking the fight to the enemy in their own backyard. But the Japanese are far from defeated, meeting the offensive with unexpectedly stiff resistance. Unfamiliar with the Burmese jungles, Shawn’s OSS cadre and the Kachin Rangers struggle to gain the advantage. But they must retain a foothold in Burma at all costs…or risk losing one of the most important Allied supply routes in the region.

Meanwhile, back in the US, Abby Cooper is embracing her new role flying for the WASPs. But she quickly realizes her profession entails dangers beyond what she ever imagined. Now, Abby is questioning everything she’s worked so hard to achieve.

There is no end in sight to this worldwide calamity. Tragedy and sacrifice surround the Cooper family on all fronts. And the only way forward is through their strength, resolve, and faith in one another.


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★★★★★ "...WWII masterpiece..."
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