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The Memory Bank

The Memory Bank

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When a series of high-profile deaths is linked to a lethal conspiracy, Detective Morgan Reed must risk everything to uncover the truth.

Technology pioneer Dr. Gerald Price is at the height of his scientific career. After years of research in the field of memory augmentation, he’s just made a world-changing breakthrough.

But his life’s work is mysteriously cut short by a fatal overdose in a seedy motel.

All evidence points to a suicide, and the case is closed…until Detective Morgan Reed begins working a series of similarly strange deaths.

As Reed joins forces with Detective Natalie De La Cruz to expose the lies and corporate treachery at the heart of the suicides, they discover a shocking plot that will put thousands of lives at risk.

In a world where cutting-edge technology meets dirty money, Reed and De La Cruz must navigate the labyrinths of an impenetrable network to save countless innocents from certain death…as their own lives hang in the balance.

Former detective and Wall Street Journal Bestselling author Brian Shea teams up with Raquel Byrnes for this explosive techno-thriller that will keep you up all night—perfect for fans of Michael Crichton and David Baldacci.


Praise for the Memory Bank Thrillers:

“...a nerve-fraying thriller that blurs the line between memory and menace. A relentless journey into the dark underbelly of technology.” —Jason Kasper, USA Today Bestselling Author of The Enemies of My Country

"Part police procedural, part technothriller, all action...a murder mystery where the thieves are after the only thing that is unique to each of us: our memories." —David Bruns, author of Command and Control

“...grabs you by the circuits and doesn’t let go." —Dale M. Nelson, author of No Prayers for the Dying

"A clever blend of police procedural and speculative fiction, The Memory Bank is a well crafted whip-smart futuristic thriller. Exceptional!" —Bruce Robert Coffin, award-winning author of the Detective Justice novels


What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "...mind blowing..."
★★★★★ "...well-written narrative."
★★★★★ "...hits the ground running!"
★★★★★ "...stunning, thrilling, shocking..."
★★★★★ "...the start of an engrossing new series."