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Total War

Total War

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When they push too far, all you can do is unleash hell.

Elite assassin Reed Montgomery’s private feud with a former employer has spun completely out of control, and it’s cost him almost everything. After the woman he loves vanishes, one of his oldest friends is brutally murdered, and the criminal underworld is unleashed against him, Reed is left with only one option—embrace the carnage.

He’ll begin with the mercenaries responsible for his friend’s murder, and then he’ll follow the chain right to the top…

No matter where it leads.

No matter what it costs.

This is war.

Total War is the third book in the action-packed Reed Montgomery series. If you're hungry for edge-of-your-seat action and suspense that will keep you up at night, you're going to love this powerhouse thriller from Logan Ryles. Download Total War today and keep the thrills coming!