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When tragedy strikes Reed Montgomery, revenge is the only way forward.

Former Force Recon Marine and covert operator, Reed Montgomery, has finally hung up the rifle. The White House has disowned him. His team has disbanded. He’s now embracing the quiet life while his wife pursues a lifelong dream of becoming a music star.

Life is good. But it’s far too quiet, and for an assassin like Reed, quiet never lasts.

The blasts detonate only yards from the stage, sending red hot shrapnel ripping through the crowd and across the band. As Reed watches in horror, the love of his life topples to the ground in a field of blood—and the carnage has barely begun.

Across America, TV screens are dominated by a smooth-talking man with an Arabic accent. He claims responsibility for the attacks, identifying himself as the head of a brand-new terrorist network who will hold America accountable for her sins.

With the promise of further attacks hanging over the nation, Reed prepares to abandon retirement and hunt his enemies, no matter the cost. But with the White House unwilling to reestablish the Prosecution Force, Reed is pushed to act alone.

He assembles his own team. Loads his own weapons. And will carry this fight to the ends of the earth.

The Prosecution Force has gone rogue.


What readers are saying:

★★★★★ "Best of the best."
★★★★★ "...high-powered..."
★★★★★ "...takes off with a bang - literally."
★★★★★ "Tremendous continuation of the series."
★★★★★ "...well-developed, memorable characters."